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Give a Pair, Get a Pair! - May

This month, we want to directly impact the members of our local community by donating to the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), a non-profit organization founded in North San Diego County by 5 local women in 1974. The demand for a “rape crisis” center in the early 1970s was apparent, as domestic violence was unrecognized as a societal problem and victims had no means of support from the public to navigate and overcome the abuse. WRC shared their first facility with the Chicano Federation and eventually grew to partner with local police, which allowed them to create and provide a safe space for domestic violence and child abuse victims.   The need for services didn’t end there. Per their website (https://www.wrcsd.org/) “WRC...

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Subscription Boxes…worth it?

Call us biased, but we think so! Three weeks into 2019 and the “new year, new me” energy is still strong. Although I’d normally roll my eyes at this tired cliché, I decided to lean into the concept and pursue the broad, albeit shamelessly basic resolution to bless up. I don’t necessarily want a “new” me, but I do admit that I could treat myself to some self-esteem boosting upgrades in the wardrobe department without spending hours in stores or scrolling online. So, where to start? Enter the convenience of subscription boxes!  The concept isn’t new. Subscription box services have been around for almost a decade, starting with Birch Box’s array of sample sized beauty products. Since then, the market...

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