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beneathe underwear subscription box for women and ladies
Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make us feel special. Things as simple as the pair of underwear we choose to put on each and every day allows us to make subtle statements on who we want to be that day. It’s more than just a little piece of fabric most intimate parts of our body.
Women’s underwear goes beyond just covering our bodies. It’s about how good it can make us feel when we wear it. It should make us feel sexy, confident, and stylish at a price that’s affordable. Our company was created to help women just like you feel beautiful without breaking the bank. Beneathe is an online monthly subscription box that delivers a pair of women’s underwear right to your front door.
We offer monthly subscription boxes because our purpose is to provide convenience to women all around the country. Beneathe was created to help women look and feel amazing without the stress of shopping. Sure, when you go to the store you can get your item immediately, but at what cost? Life is already stressful enough as it is, why waste more time waiting in lines?
Our subscription boxes include the option of receiving two cheeky panties, two thongs, or one of each. Every month we offer a variety of women’s underwear handpicked for you. Our cheeky panties option is for the girl that’s stylish, but also wants a little more coverage. Our thongs are so comfy you’ll want to wear them everywhere. They are seamless and work great for outfits that would normally show underwear lines.
All of this could be yours for just a small monthly fee of $12.99. Go to and create an account by clicking “Get Beneathe” or the “Log In” button located at the top of our homepage. Then simply just pick your size, style option, and tell us where to send it to. It’s that easy!
Life’s too short to be putting on lingerie that’s boring and doesn’t make you feel like the amazing woman you are. Think of this as a monthly gift to yourself that you know you’ll love and wear all the time. This is an investment on you!

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