Subscription Boxes…worth it?

Call us biased, but we think so!
Three weeks into 2019 and the “new year, new me” energy is still strong. Although I’d normally roll my eyes at this tired cliché, I decided to lean into the concept and pursue the broad, albeit shamelessly basic resolution to bless up. I don’t necessarily want a “new” me, but I do admit that I could treat myself to some self-esteem boosting upgrades in the wardrobe department without spending hours in stores or scrolling online. So, where to start?
Enter the convenience of subscription boxes! 
Underwear subscription box for women and ladies
The concept isn’t new. Subscription box services have been around for almost a decade, starting with Birch Box’s array of sample sized beauty products. Since then, the market has expanded to include meal prep services, house plant deliveries, self-care packages, etc. Anything you can think of buying, you can probably find in a subscription box at an affordable price. 
Ok, but how do they work? The subscription model is generally the same across the industry and extremely easy to use. You select your products, enter your payment information, and wait! Each month, you’ll receive a new box of goodies. Some subscriptions even offer quarterly deliveries too. 
With the sheer amount of clothes I’ll need to replace in my aesthetic overhaul, I decided to start with lingerie. Yup, there is a subscription box service for that too. Take Beneathe, for example. It’s a women’s underwear subscription box that offers one pair of panties for $10 a month or 2 for $12. This is a great way to replace my lingerie without draining my bank account all at once or paying through the roof in shipping fees for online orders. 
Signing up was insanely simple and they offered a lot of customization too. Their selection includes new styles each month in cheeky panties and thongs or a “surprise me” option. As a notoriously indecisive person and borderline stress shopper, it’s such a relief to have someone make that decision for me and I trust that the products will be cute. Say I changed my mind on my subscription and want to change it up? Not a problem. I just have to login and select what I want for future deliveries. 
Subscription boxes make products super accessible, offer a ton of variety, are easy to use and thankfully don’t break the bank. I could sit here and preach all day about why you may need one to bless up in 2019 too, but I think you should find out for yourself. 
-Written by a friend of Beneathe, Felecia Diaz

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