Year of Boxes Review! - Beneathe Underwear Club

by Robin B on July 22, 2019
We are lucky enough that our good friends at A Year of Boxes did a review on us! Check it out below!
Beneathe Underwear Club is a recurring subscription box for women where monthly, you will get ever changing styles of underwear delivered straight to your door! They kindly sent us this box for review.
I’ve never ordered underwear online before but I was really excited when I saw my Beneathe Underwear Club package arrive in the mail. Not only would this be my first ever shipment of underwear, but the fact that it would be a surprise made me that much more enthusiastic to see what was inside!
The package arrived in a neat ziplock bag that contained the two items. As expected in the “Mix It Up” option, there was one pair with less coverage, and one with more. See below for the juicy details!
To read more about what they had to say about us, click here!

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