Beneathe Underwear - Our Story

At the heart of Beneathe are positive vibes - and we aim to share them. With our product line, we're committed to helping you grow as a woman; to learn not only to accept your body the way it is but to loveit. We want you to find the confidence to flaunt your uniqueness through self-expression, not go changing yourself to meet some unrealistic beauty ideal. Because you are enough, you are beautiful, and you are you.


What does this have to do with our monthly subscription boxes? Glad you asked, sister! Those boxes are our way of empowering you to feel beautiful in your own skin, no matter your race, size, style, whatever. To us, diversity and inclusivity are more than just trending buzzwords; they're codes to live by and the philosophies that inspire our brand. Each time you slip into a pair of Beneathe panties, we hope you feel damn goodand see how worthy of love (and self-love) you really are.


As a veteran owned business that likes to spread positivity, we haven't stopped at just selling monthly boxes, oh no. We've also launched the Get a Pair, Give a Pair campaign, through which we donate underwear to women's charities with each new subscription. We believe that together, we can engage with, embrace, and empower diverse communities of women and ensure they have access to essential supplies like panties. Each month, we donate to a different women's organization, which you can read about in our blog.


To find out more about what we do and why, get in touch- we're here for everybody. 

Will you join us in creating this beautiful community? When you give a pair, you might just get much more than a pair.