Beneathe Underwear - Our Story

At beneathe, we are committed to your growth as an individual and our growth as a company. Our focus has been to help you learn to accept your body and yourself as you already are through self-expression, rather than working to change your body to meet some unrealistic health or beauty ideal. We know that you are enough exactly as you are and we love being able to provide you with the means to feel beautiful in your skin and flaunt your uniqueness when you slip into a pair of beneathe underwear.


We realize, however, that body positivity doesn’t end with self-acceptance and feeling good doesn’t have to end with you. Our work is not done and together, we can engage with, embrace and empower diverse communities of women to help send the message that all bodies are equal and everyone deserves to love their body and are worthy of love.


That’s why we are launching the Give a Pair, Get a Pair campaign. For every new subscription, we will donate a pair of underwear to a charitable organization that helps women in need. We feel driven to ensure that our product is made for and available to all bodies and truly believe that body positivity is also body inclusivity. This means that our charity selections will be diverse and inclusive in their support for people of all races, sizes, abilities, socio-economic statuses, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll offer transparency in the reasoning behind our selections and how it relates to our mission each month in the blog. Check it out to learn more about how you’re giving back!


Will you join us in creating this community? Give a pair, and you might just get so much more than a pair.